What is APFC Panel and why it is used by Indian industries?

Automatic Power factor Control Panels or APFC Panels India are used for enhancement of Power factor. About Power factor, we would like to tell you that it is a ratio of active power to apparent power (active power: apparent power) used for scaling power consumption. We all are aware that today using the electricity has become a costly affair. So, this is why we should consume it in limit and try not to waste it to reduce our monthly bills.

APFC panels come into line to achieve this objective. Use of these panels becomes indispensable in those industries where large electrical load is required. Irregular power supply may attract operational losses. These specialized panels can effectively manage irregular and scattered loads along with the retention of high power factor. Reputed manufacturing companies are offering reliable and quality based APFC panels to industrial clients across the world.


Main features offered by these specialized panels are-

•    Maintains high power factor without any break
•    In-built independent features
•    High efficiency
•    Protection from extreme power inside the system
•    Prevents low load conditions
•    Lower harmonic current
•    Anti-corrosive nature
•    User friendly
•    Clear indicators and marked buttons
•    Durable
•    Electrical insulation
•    Safeguard electrical equipments

Applications of APFC panels –

Industries are using these well-defined control panels in different applications, such as-
•    Windmills
•    Process controllers
•    Monitoring current harmonics
•    LT and HT units
•    Micro processor
•    Line voltage analysis
•    Electrical installation

These control panels have programmable controller that are based on microcontroller. These are used to switch the capacitor banks of certain capacity automatically in several stages via reading the RKVA directly.

You should install APFC panel (Indian) to avoid penalties and save electricity automatically.