Lighting relay panels - Most energy efficient devices with automation systems

Lighting relay panels are most energy efficient devices with quick integration of manual or sensor operational switches. The lighting relay panels are modular in nature and allow easy communication or transfer of signals with automatic building systems. They can also be named as digital communication systems with endless possibilities and wonderful coordination of electricity.

These systems seem very complex in nature but easy in handling and maintenance. If we talk about the industrial relay panels then custom solutions are also available as per customer convenience and application areas. Let us discuss on different type of lighting relay panels that are suitable for different industrial needs and applications.


Lighting control panel boards

  • They are attached with circuit breakers to control lighting equipments.
  • When compared to complex devices, lighting control panels can work on lower voltage too.
  • These are standalone networking system designed superiorly
  • It is easy to control these devices with effective relay controlled circuit.

Modular or central control panels

  • Can be quickly controlled with automated building systems
  • Control interface to handle light levels
  • Modular controllers to provide plenty of dimming control schemes.
  • Quick control on groups and on-off schemes

Addressable Luminaries Panels

  • Available with digital addressable lighting interface to control lights.
  • They are good for wireless networks and circuit used in factory.
  • The power of circuits can be controlled by central system or addressable switches etc.

Relay controlled Circuits

  • Available with control replays to switch on or switch off the circuit.
  • They can be operated on ultra-low voltage schemes.
  • These are standalone networking system.

Now compare the uses and benefits of all available lighting relay panels and select the best product that suits your project the most. You may also discuss with manufacturers and leading exporters to get further clarification.